Three Aspects Of Vedic Culture That Have Variations

Krishna's Mercy

[Family worshiping]“In the system of the varnashrama institution there are many principles of religious traditions to help members of the family grow properly and attain spiritual values. The elder members are responsible for such purifying processes in the family, beginning from birth to death. But on the death of the elder members, such family traditions of purification may stop, and the remaining younger family members may develop irreligious habits and thereby lose their chance for spiritual salvation.” (Shrila Prabhupada, Bhagavad-gita, 1.39 Purport)

Christian. Muslim. Buddhist. Jewish. Does Hindu follow the same model? Is Hinduism an actual thing? The origin is the Vedas. As a Sanskrit word the meaning is “knowledge.” Real knowledge is about the self. Everything else is ancillary, temporary in nature and therefore disqualified from consideration as the ultimate objective. Even a complex subject like physics or mechanics pales in comparison to the travels of the individual spirit, whose…

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