Like Putting An Innocent Person In Jail

Krishna's Mercy

[Sita-Rama]“It should be told to Him to act quickly, for my life will only remain as long as the period of one year is not yet complete. This is the tenth month, and only two remain, O monkey, in the time allotted to me by the cruel Ravana.” (Sita Devi, Valmiki Ramayana, Sundara Kand, 37.7-8)

sa vācyaḥ samtvarasva iti yāvat eva na pūryate |
ayam samvatsaraḥ kālaḥ tāvadt hi mama jīvitam ||
vartate daśamo māso dvau tu śeṣau plavamgama |
rāvaṇena nṛśaṃsena samayo yaḥ kṛto mama ||

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There are many ways to define the Sanskrit word adharma. At its root it is a negation. Dharma is the base word. In the most common context, dharma refers to religion. Religion is what brings duty, honor, codes of morality, and so forth. Basically, the supposed right way to do something is religion or…

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