Four Objects From Classical Warfare That Aren’t Enough To Overcome God

Krishna's Mercy

[Krishna and Rukmini]“In the same Lalita-madhava there is an account of Krishna’s kidnapping Rukmini at her royal marriage ceremony. At that time all of the princes present began to converse amongst themselves, saying, ‘We have our elephants, horses, chariots, bows, arrows and swords, so why should we be afraid of Krishna? Let us attack Him! He is nothing but a lusty cowherd boy! He cannot take away the Princess in this way! Let us all attack Him!’” (The Nectar of Devotion, Ch 29)

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Two plans were set. They were different and conflicting, set by parties with different interests. On one side there was the royal family led by King Bhishmaka. He arranged to have his princess daughter, Rukmini Devi, marry a prince named Shishupala. The idea came together more through the son, Rukmi, who was friends with Shishupala.

Then there was the plan of the…

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