What Can This Child Do To Me

Krishna's Mercy

[Shri Rama - child]“In the childhood form, wearing nice jewelry and clothing, He plays in the dirt and His limbs become full of dust. With child-like speech, Rama plays with all the brothers and children.” (Dohavali, 117)

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bāla bibhū।sana basana bara dhūri dhūsarita aṃga |
bālakeli raghubara karata bāla bandhu saba sanga ||

The swan-like person looks for the good in others. When they meet someone new, they overlook the bad qualities. After all, which one of us is perfect? Who among us hasn’t lied at some time? Who hasn’t made a costly mistake, one to regret later on?

[swan]The saintly person is like a swan in this way, which can separate milk from a mixture of water and milk. The saint understands that each person derives their strength from the same source. Prahlada Maharaja, the wise son of a king, once tried to explain this…

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