Jiya Jana

Krishna's Mercy

[Rama and Hanuman]“Tulsi says that Shri Rama loves His devotee more than His own life. King Rama becomes so much indebted, and the devotee becomes so rich, like Hanuman.” (Dohavali, 111)

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tulasī rāmahu teṃ adhika rāma bhagata jiya’ jāna |
riniyā rājā rāma bhe dhanika bhae hanumāna ||

I have an important task to complete. Since I am not so naïve, it is understood that some outside help is required. This revealing truth is presented in the Bhagavad-gita, as well, where Shri Krishna explains that the individual is not the doer. They make the choice for action, but the modes of nature, gunas, must cooperate. Without those gunas results would only be potential within the mind, like unfulfilled dreams.

“When you see that there is nothing beyond these modes of nature in all activities and that the Supreme Lord is transcendental to all…

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