Three Devotees Whose Character Was Not Tainted By Material Opulence

Krishna's Mercy

[Sudama visiting Krishna]“Seeing the wonderful conversion of his native place, the brahmana began to think to himself, ‘How am I seeing all these changes? Does this place belong to me, or to someone else? If it is the same place where I used to live, then how has it so wonderfully changed?’” (Krishna, The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Vol 2, Ch 26)

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They say that money changes people. How can it not? One day you are eating canned food and the next you have a live-in chef cooking every meal. Previously, you were renting an apartment in a community filled with people and now you have an estate that is several acres in size, with no neighbors in sight.

Material wellbeing shouldn’t change who a person is on the inside, since everything is destined for destruction. But the power of maya is so strong that…

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