From Impure To Pure

Krishna's Mercy

[Rama's lotus feet]“Tulsi says that if someone respects Shri Rama, they have good value even if they are of bad character, like when the black ash from a lamp is put on the head to drive away evil spirits, it becomes fixed.” (Dohavali, 106)

tulasī rāma jo ādar yo kho।to kharo kharoi |
dīpaka kājara sira dhar yo dhar yo sudhar yo dharoi ||

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Ash is the unwanted residue from the lighting of a flame. The fire has some value when it is wanted. Without fire, man would not be able to survive. Indeed, there is a flame inside of the body, indicating life. When that fire exits, the body turns cold, which is one sign of death.

[burning fireplace]If there is a fireplace in the home, after it is used residue builds up inside. This is known as soot, and it is a byproduct of…

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