Don’t The People Preaching Usually Require The Most Help

Krishna's Mercy

[Lord Krishna]“This divine energy of Mine, consisting of the three modes of material nature, is difficult to overcome. But those who have surrendered unto Me can easily cross beyond it.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-gita, 7.14)

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Friend1: Do you ever get tired of hearing the message?

Friend2: Which one? I do keep getting calls from these people who want to sell me solar energy.

Friend1: Robocalls?

Friend2: There’s not even a person on the other end. They buy up a series of similar phone numbers, too, so it’s not like you can simply block their number.

Friend1: That should be made illegal.

Friend2: One would think.

Friend1: I’m talking about the bhakti message, science of self-realization, in general.

Friend2: What exactly is the message?

Friend1: Take advantage of this human life, which is rare. Follow devotion to God, who is a person. Give up attachment to…

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