Everybody’s Working For The Weekend

Krishna's Mercy

[Sita-Rama]“All people are deeply involved in working to achieve something, but there is no use without subsequently protecting. According to Tulsi’s thinking, every religious practice is similarly useless without love for Shri Rama.” (Dohavali, 104)

loga magana saba jogahīṃ joga jāya’ binu cema |
tyoṃ tulasīke bhāvagata rāma prema binu nema ||

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You have the situation of a person from an underdeveloped nation. Keep in mind, everything is relative. What is poverty to one person is abundance to another. A miserable day for one person is when their favorite sports franchise loses the big game, while for someone else it is the loss of a loved one for good.

This person goes on a foreign trip, to a nation considered more developed. They keep a keen eye. Not that they are specifically looking to criticize or praise. There is genuine interest in how…

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