If A Sadhu Is Recognized By Their Qualities What Is The Purpose Of The Dress

Krishna's Mercy

[Shri Chaitanya]“Arjuna said: What are the symptoms of one whose consciousness is thus merged in Transcendence? How does he speak, and what is his language? How does he sit, and how does he walk?” (Bhagavad-gita, 2.54)

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Friend1: So many cheating sadhus out there.

Friend2: You mean officially renounced saintly people?

Friend1: Yes, but I know what you’re implying. That will be the topic of the discussion today.

Friend2: Okay.

Friend1: I think this is one of the reasons sannyasa is forbidden in the age of Kali, the present time period, noted for the increase in quarrel and hypocrisy.

Friend2: Think about it. In certain parts of the world you put on a specific outfit and immediately people give you respect. They give you enough money in charity that you’ll never have to work again. You can live like a king.

Friend1: If people question…

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