Three Comparisons For Explaining The Feeling Of Thankfulness In Bhakti

Krishna's Mercy

[Sita-Rama victory garland]“There is a proverb in Sanskrit which says, ‘Disappointment gives rise to the greatest satisfaction.’ In other words, when one’s sentiment or ambition becomes too great and is not fulfilled until after seemingly hopeless tribulation, that is taken as the greatest satisfaction.” (Shrila Prabhupada, The Nectar of Devotion, Ch 31)

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The men and women of the town saw everything. They experienced a full range of emotions. It began with anticipation. The great contest to determine the rightful husband for the daughter of the king. Janaka took a vow, and in this time period the word of the ruler meant something.

The daughter was so amazing that the marriage wouldn’t take place in the typical arrangement. Sita would marry whichever prince would first lift an amazingly heavy bow, passed on in the family for generations. It was practically impossible to lift, but Janaka’s daughter…

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