Four Solutions To Problems And Where They Fall Short

Krishna's Mercy

[Worshiping Rama's lotus feet]“Just as saying is useless without doing and succeeding is useless without subsequently protecting, every solution is useless without love for Shri Rama’s lotus feet.” (Dohavali, 103)

jāya’ kahaba karatūti binu jāya’ joga bina cema |
tulasī jāya’ upāya saba binā rāma pada prema ||

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Don’t just talk the talk. Walk the walk, afterwards. To make a vow is a good start. At least the mind is thinking forward, moving in a positive direction. At the same time, anyone can say anything. To actually make the desired difference there has to be effort.

And what if there is success? If you did come through on your promise, will you protect what you have acquired? It doesn’t have to be something manifest, either. If reputation is enhanced through pious behavior, just one slipup and everything is spoiled. There is ample evidence in the lives…

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