The One With Pure Goodness

Krishna's Mercy

[Lord Shiva]“One who holds Shankara dear but hates me or is my devotee and hates Shankara – Shri Rama says such a man lives in the most ghastly hellish place for an entire kalpa.” (Dohavali, 101)

sa:nkara priya mama drohī siva drohī mama dāsa |
te nara karahiṃ kalapa bhari ghora naraka mahu’ bāsa ||

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Shiva, Brahma, or Vishnu? The three deities are well-known to those growing up in the Vedic tradition. Not mythological characters. Not figments of the imagination. Not images symbolic of higher concepts. These three deities preside over the material creation and beyond.

That creation consists of three modes: goodness, passion and ignorance. These are material elements, which subsequently lead to variety in ways of living, such as sacrifice, austerity, charity, desires and so forth. Each mode has its corresponding deity.

Brahma is in charge of passion. He is the creator…

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