Three Kinds Of Medicine Not Required When Practicing Devotional Service

Krishna's Mercy

[Radha-Krishna]“Shrila Vishvanatha Chakravarti Thakura gives the following example: If one has strong digestive power, after eating he automatically lights a fire within his stomach to digest everything and does not need to take medicine to aid his digestion. Similarly, the fire of devotional service is so strong that a devotee does not need to act separately to attain perfect knowledge or detachment from material attractions.” (Shrila Prabhupada, Shrimad Bhagavatam, 4.23.11)

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The pure spirit soul being covered up by gunas, which are material qualities, is a kind of diseased condition. It is not the normal, healthy situation. There are various symptoms, with repeated birth and death being the most obvious. Like getting tossed into a vast ocean, without any rescue in sight, again and again such births take place, even after the entire cosmic manifestation has been dissolved.

“Again and again the day…

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