Wouldn’t Dussehra Be More Inspiring If Sita Had Released The Arrows

Krishna's Mercy

[Battling Ravana]“The mighty Rama, who possessed extraordinary strength, consecrating in accordance with the mantras prescribed in the Vedas, taking that great arrow – which was capable of removing the fears of the entire world and the Ikshvaku dynasty, capable of taking away the glory of His enemies, and conducive to His own happiness – fixed it on His bow.” (Valmiki Ramayana, Yuddha Kand, 108.13-14)

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Friend1: You ever see these reinterpretations of past events?

Friend2: Umm, what? What is there to interpret about an event? Yesterday it was sunny and 65 degrees. You want me to change that to cloudy and 50 degrees? Not possible.

Friend1: Interesting response. Makes you think. Anyway, this stuff definitely happens. Like someone will speculate what the country would be like today if the South had won the Civil War. Or what if England didn’t lose control of the colonies…

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