Three Criticisms Devotees Don’t Mind Hearing

Krishna's Mercy

[Goswami Tulsidas]“Knowers of the Vedas deride me as someone who simply holds a japa mala. Jnanis tell me that I am without knowledge, that I don’t know how to even perform rituals. Giving up the three paths, Tulsi humbly approaches Shri Rama’s door.” (Dohavali, 99)

karama।tha ka।thamaliyā kahaiṃ gyānī gyāna bihīna |
tulasī tripatha bihāi go rāma duāreṃ dīna ||

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The Supreme Personality of Godhead is above the three modes of material nature. When He appears the form visible before the eyes is sometimes described as saguna. Literally translating this Sanskrit word, the meaning is “with qualities.”

Gunas typically refer to material qualities, belonging to the categories of goodness, passion or ignorance. Gunas also refer to ropes, and the two meanings are linked. Material qualities are binding; they keep a person tied to the cycle of birth and death.

Gunas are also a…

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