Confessions Of A Flawed Human Being

Krishna's Mercy

[Sita-Rama]“Tulsi says that one should confess to the merciful Shri Rama about the good and the bad. In so doing the burden of sorrow will diminish, and in that full surrender to the supreme strength will increase and one will become fully satisfied.” (Dohavali, 96)

tulasī rāma k।rpālu soṃ kahi sunāu guna do।sa |
hoya dūbarī dīnatā parama pīna santo।sa ||

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Man is not perfect. To err is human. Even the most sober person, keeping strict attention on right and wrong, pious and impious, is bound to fall victim to desire every now and then. Such as at a gathering where pizza is ordered, the fair thing to do is allow each person the same number of slices. After you’ve had a few, however, you want more. While no one is looking, you take two extra. No one knows the culprit, except you.

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