Mamata For Rama

Krishna's Mercy

[Shri Rama]“Tulsi says that those who have an intimate attachment to Shri Rama also look upon everyone with an equal vision. Without attachment, anger, distress, or bad qualities, the devotee crosses over the ocean of birth and death.” (Dohavali, 94)

tulasī mamatā rāma soṃ samatā saba saṃsāra |
rāga na rosa na dosa dukha dāsa bhae bhava pāra ||

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The Sanskrit word mamata means a strong level of attachment. It is often referenced in relationship to children. Mamata also refers to “mine,” the feeling of possession.

“These are my children. I love them so much. They are the world to me. If I had to rank the people most important in my life, they would be at the top of the list. Sadly, others don’t compare.”

In material life such a mentality certainly exists, but it is not entirely beneficial. After all, others have…

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