The Burning Fire Of Time

Krishna's Mercy

[Shri Rama]“Let me go to hell or have the child of the four rewards devoured by a witch. Let all other fruits be burned, but Tulsi will still have love for Shri Rama.” (Dohavali, 92)

parauṃ naraka phala cāri sisu mīca dākinī khāu |
tulasī rāma saneha ko jo phala so jari jāu ||

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Known as kala in Sanskrit, time can be compared to a raging fire that consumes everything. There is the saying that time heals all wounds. The idea is that whatever bad situation exists at present, with enough moments going by, things will change. That is the nature of a material existence. The winner today is the loser tomorrow. The memory of the heartbreaking defeat is erased through a thrilling victory in the future. Death follows birth, and after death there is another birth.

As time continues to move into the…

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