Four Images From Rama’s Time In Kishkindha

Krishna's Mercy

[Hanuman carrying brothers]“Abandoning his beggar form and reassuming his monkey form, the elephant among monkeys [Hanuman] placed those two heroes on his back and departed.” (Valmiki Ramayana, Kishkindha Kand, 4.34)

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The play of the Supreme Personality of Godhead performed on the stage of the earthly realm, the land of birth and death, is not limited by the properties of that place. That is to say the images remain through the passage of time. First, they are safeguarded in the pages of sacred works like the Ramayana and Puranas. They are additionally passed on in an aural tradition, where people discuss the pastimes of God the person and then share their memories with future generations. The process continues in a chain, or what is known as parampara.

The incarnation of Shri Rama, God in a human-looking form, spent some time in the forest of…

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