Four Activities Accounted For Through Charanamrita

Krishna's Mercy

[Krishna's lotus feet]“It is described in the Padma Purana that even a person who has never been able to give in charity, who has never been able to perform a great sacrifice, who has never been able to study the Vedas, who has never been able to worship the Lord – or, in other words, even one who has never done any pious activities – if he simply drinks the charanamritam which is kept in the temple, he will become eligible to enter into the kingdom of God.” (The Nectar of Devotion, Ch 9)

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It is a combination of two words. There is amrita, which is a negation of the word that means “death.” Amrita typically refers to a kind of drink produced through the churning of the ocean one time by the suras and the asuras, the good guys and the bad…

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