Diwali 2017

Krishna's Mercy

[Diwali]“The kingdom was decorated with golden lamps of crystal, looking beautiful as if the king of serpents had arrived to meet the Lord, with a jewel on each of the thousand hoods.” (Gitavali, 309.2)

phaṭika-bhīta-sikharana-para rājati kan̄cana-dīpa-anī |
janu ahinātha milana āyō mani-sōbhita sahasaphanī ||

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It is the impossible task. How to match someone who has unlimited potency? How to come close to pleasing the Supreme Lord in the same way that this person does? How to honor the saints of the Vedic tradition, who through parampara have passed on the secrets to living life to the fullest? How to live up to their standard of adequately giving praise to the person most deserving of it, Shri Rama? On the occasion of Diwali, the devotees make an attempt. A long time back in Ayodhya that attempt was so successful that it looked as…

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