How Do We Recognize A Realized Soul

Krishna's Mercy

[Prahlada Maharaja]“One who is not disturbed in spite of the threefold miseries, who is not elated when there is happiness, and who is free from attachment, fear and anger, is called a sage of steady mind.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-gita, 2.56)

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Friend1: Approach a tattva-darshi.

Friend2: English, please.

Friend1: Consult someone who has seen the truth.

Friend2: Isn’t that relative? What kind of truth? That two plus two equals four? Everyone knows that.

Friend1: The Absolute Truth. That which is beyond duality.

Friend2: What is the benefit of approaching such a person?

Friend1: They help you to similarly see the truth.

Friend2: In what manner should the approach be made?

Friend1: Not in a challenging spirit, that’s for sure.

Friend2: Why not?

Friend1: Because that’s not how we learn things. The students in first grade don’t sit there and challenge what the teacher has…

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