Five Reasons Not To Be Afraid Of God

Krishna's Mercy

[Krishna and friends stealing butter]“One day when Krishna was engaged in stealing butter and yogurt in the house of Jatila, He assured His friends, ‘My dear friends, I know that this old lady is now sleeping very profoundly because she is breathing very deeply. Let us silently steal butter and yogurt without making any disturbance.’” (The Nectar Of Devotion, Ch 45)

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The atheists should be afraid. They deny His existence. They speculate that this amazingly wonderful creation – featuring marvels in predictability, reliability, and even architecture embedded into every aspect, from the tiniest to the largest – came about through randomness or the lack of intelligence. They posit the theory of evolution but give no evidence as to what causes the changes. They associate completely with the temporary body, and so the ultimate goal becomes enjoying the senses, especially through illicit sex life.

Those who believe in…

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