Four Reasons Parvati Is The Suitable Wife For Mahadeva

Krishna's Mercy

[Shiva Parvati]“Lord Shiva is so great that he does not care for the material prosperity for which every one of us is so eager. Parvati, who is the powerful material nature personified, is under his full control as his wife, yet he does not use her even to build a residential house. He prefers to remain without shelter, and his great wife also agrees to live with him humbly.” (Shrila Prabhupada, Shrimad Bhagavatam, 3.14.26 Purport)

The material world is complicated. Everything came to be from an origin; there is no denying that. Everything has a beginning. We know that things don’t magically appear. The Vedic story is that there is this unmanifest material substance, known as pradhana. It gets a spiritual injection, from purusha, and then gradually develops.

“Consciousness is represented by intelligence, of which the unmanifested stage is the three modes of material nature. The unmanifested three modes…

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