Three Ways Vasudeva Is A Hero

Krishna's Mercy

[Vasudeva carrying Krishna]“Because of constant rain sent by the demigod Indra, the River Yamuna was filled with deep water, foaming about with fiercely whirling waves. But as the great Indian Ocean had formerly given way to Lord Ramachandra by allowing Him to construct a bridge, the River Yamuna gave way to Vasudeva and allowed him to cross.” (Shrimad Bhagavatam, 10.3.50)

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Married life is not easy. Both husband and wife inherit new responsibilities. The husband has to protect. In traditional Vedic culture, the father gives away the bride, essentially handing over responsibility for her future welfare to the new husband.

Protection of the wife is a serious matter, and so is care of any children that are born to the family. In this respect we can look to the example of Vasudeva, a man from an ancient time period. From the stories told in the Shrimad…

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