Looks Can Be Deceiving

Krishna's Mercy

[Damodara tied with rope]“O Lord Damodara, I first of all offer my obeisances to the brilliantly effulgent rope which binds Your belly. I then offer my obeisances to Your belly, which is the abode of the entire universe. I humbly bow down to Your most beloved Shrimati Radharani, and I offer all obeisances to You, the Supreme Lord, who displays unlimited pastimes.” (Shri Damodarashtaka, 8)

namas te ‘stu dāmne sphurad-dīpti-dhāmne
tvadīyodarāyātha viśvasya dhāmne
namo rādhikāyai tvadīya-priyāyai
namo ‘nanta-līlāya devāya tubhyam

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The scientists can’t understand the infinitely complex universe. So many nuances there are that books can be written based solely on how and when things were discovered. Never mind that those discoveries were always there to begin with, that some intelligent being placed them there. These things are so complex that to fathom a person being responsible for them is too much. Yet that vast complexity…

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