Five Of The Most Epic Falls Of All Time

Krishna's Mercy

[Putana falling]“O King Parikshit, when the gigantic body of Putana fell to the ground, it smashed all the trees within a limit of twelve miles. Appearing in a gigantic body, she was certainly extraordinary.” (Shrimad Bhagavatam, 10.6.14)

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The news media is interesting. They begin by building someone up. That someone is noteworthy for some reason. They excel in something in the public eye, like sports, entertainment, or politics. That person gets praised for their good work; at least as judged by the writers of news.

Later on, however, that same person is vilified. They messed up. They were caught cheating. Or maybe they got intoxicated one night and made disparaging remarks about a minority group. Perhaps their political leanings have been learned. Maybe they don’t like certain religions.

The same media that praised the person can’t wait to bring them down. They are quite…

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