Affinity For Lotuses

Krishna's Mercy

Sita Devi“Dressed in a single yellow garment, made of the best cloth, but which was in a bad condition, covered with dirt and without any ornaments, she resembled a lotus pond devoid of lotuses.” (Valmiki Ramayana, Sundara Kand, 15.21)

pītena ekena samvītām kliṣṭena uttama vāsasā |
sapankām analamkārām vipadmām iva padminīm ||

Ordinarily, to roll around in the dirt is considered strange behavior, as unless you are a child and don’t know any better, what reason would you have for soiling your clothes and getting clay all over your hair and such? But for devotees swooning in the ecstasy of separation from their beloved, the practice is not out of the ordinary. For one woman in particular, the separation anxiety was too much to bear, so even though she had the most beautiful piece of clothing for a dress, at one time it was not spotless in its appearance. The comparison…

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