What Makes an Object

Krishna's Mercy

Lord Krishna “Any object is known by its four characteristic features: name, form, qualities and activities. Lord Krishna is the Supreme Object; thus He is knowable in terms of His unlimited and eternal name, form, qualities, and pastimes. The absence of these four features in anything denies its status as object. For example, impersonal Brahman is formless; hence it is not an object unto itself, but simply a distinctive trait of the Supreme Lord.” (Shrila Haridasa Thakura, Harinama-Chintamani, Ch 2)

When stress bubbles over and all other methods of alleviation have been exhausted, the best option is to just sit quietly and meditate. Despite our best efforts at creating insulation from fear, distress, pain, heartache, frustration and chaos, there will be failure lurking around every corner of every endeavor. The material world, the phenomenal realm that we currently call home, is replete with ardent competition and the struggle for supremacy over a…

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