Krishna's Mercy

reincarnation Hindus are known to believe in the idea of reincarnation. A common misconception is that reincarnation only refers to the idea that a sinful person comes back in their next life as a rat or a tiger or some lower animal. Reincarnation actually means the soul accepts a material body and that after death, the current body is discarded and the soul enters a new one.

In the Bhagavad-gita, Lord Krishna says,

“For the soul, there is no birth or death. The soul has never not existed in the past, nor it will it cease to exist in the future.” (BG 2.20)

The soul is eternal, but our material bodies aren’t. We have accepted our current bodies due to our past karma. Birth, death, old age, and disease are guaranteed for the body. At the time of death, we give up our present body and accept a new one based…

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