Five Examples Of Surrender In Devotion

Krishna's Mercy

[Krishna swallowing forest fire]“The Personality of Godhead heard the appealing voices of His friends, and casting a pleasing glance over them, He began to answer. By speaking through His eyes, He impressed His friends that there was no cause for fear. Then Krishna, the supreme mystic, the powerful Personality of Godhead, immediately swallowed up all the flames of the fire. The cows and boys were thus saved from imminent danger.” (Krishna, The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Vol 1, Ch 19)

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You try your hardest. You want this outcome desperately. You have failed previously, but this time you’re taking a different path. You have learned from your mistakes. You try and you try, but ultimately it looks like things aren’t going your way. You throw your hands up in surrender, leaving everything to the Divine will.

This situation is somewhat analogous to the experience of sharanagati

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