Five Ways Sanatana-Dharma Is Different From Ordinary Religion

Krishna's Mercy

[Sanatana-dharma]“Ramanujacharya has explained the word sanatana as ‘that which has neither beginning nor end,’ so when we speak of sanatana-dharma, we must take it for granted on the authority of Shri Ramanujacharya that it has neither beginning nor end.” (Shrila Prabhupada, Bhagavad-gita, Introduction)

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“It’s not allowed for you to change religions. You were born into a certain faith. You can’t just decide to switch over to something else. Especially with the faith you are choosing, it can only be adopted through birth. You have to wait until another life for the shift to happen. At least that is what I have heard. For now, better to stick with what your parents kindly gave you.”

Sanatana-dharma is often confused with Hinduism, which is a term born from an outsider’s perspective. To be lumped in with the other major faiths practiced in the world, there…

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