My Buddy

Krishna's Mercy

Rama and Lakshmana with their mother “Shatrughna, endued with cleverness, is your helper. Sumitra’s son (Lakshmana) is well known as My best friend. We four worthy sons of that foremost of monarchs will keep him established in truth, O Bharata. Let not your mind despond.” (Lord Rama speaking to Bharata, Valmiki Ramayana, Ayodhya Kand, Sec 107)

Children have no qualms about openly declaring their love and attachment for the people they know and love. A child will never hold back in identifying someone as their friend, or even best friend. This is a very endearing quality of a child, for it represents pure unadulterated love, something not easily acquired later on in life.

Loving relationships are different for adults. Children are the essence of innocence. Upon taking birth, they live in complete ignorance. The mother, father, and siblings are all that a young child knows. Completely dependent on the parents for everything, a child immediately…

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