Five Of My Favorite Vaishnava Holidays

Krishna's Mercy

[Krishna lifting Govardhana Hill]“My dear brothers, My dear father, My dear inhabitants of Vrindavana, you can now safely enter under the umbrella of Govardhana Hill, which I have just lifted. Do not be afraid of the hill and think that it will fall from My hand. You have been too much afflicted from the heavy rain and strong wind; therefore I have lifted this hill, which will protect you exactly like a huge umbrella. I think this is a proper arrangement to relieve you from your immediate distress. Be happy along with your animals underneath this great umbrella.” (Lord Krishna, Krishna, The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Vol 1, Ch 25)

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Time is continuous. Infinite in both directions, it is an eternal factor of an existence, along with the material nature, the individual living entity, and the supreme controlling authority. Only karma is temporary, as the results…

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