Five Ways to Know That Krishna Is Everyone’s Best Friend

Krishna's Mercy

[Krishna and Balarama with cow]“Know that which pervades the entire body is indestructible. No one is able to destroy the imperishable soul.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-gita, 2.17)

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Friends are made among equals. That is one of the meanings to friendship. It is not a relationship between a guru and a disciple. It is not supposed to be a father and a son, as then there is one side with weight and another lacking it. One side is the authority and the other who approaches authority and learns from it. The famous bow-warrior Arjuna himself had this issue, as he approached his friend when having doubts about one of the biggest decisions of his life.

“I have in the past addressed You as ‘O Krishna,’ ‘O Yadava,’ ‘O my friend,’ without knowing Your glories. Please forgive whatever I may have done in madness or in love. I have dishonored…

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