Five Things To Know About The Marriage Of Shiva And Parvati

Krishna's Mercy

[Marriage of Shiva and Parvati]“The higher planetary systems begin with the sun planet, which is situated in the middle of the universe. Beyond the sun there are other planetary systems where persons who are elevated by great austerities and penances are situated. The entire material universe is called Devidhama, and above it there is Shivadhama, where Lord Shiva and his wife Parvati eternally reside.” (Teachings Of Lord Chaitanya, Ch 14)

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The material world is in good hands. Obviously, many people would beg to differ. They could take the current day’s newspaper as proof. The perception gleaned from the many stories brings to mind the famous saying, “Rome is burning.”

After all, children are being killed in the womb. Though the mother is the first protector of the newborn, a nurturer by nature, to redress the mistake of sense gratification gone wrong, there is abortion. Though there are…

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