Do I Have To Conquer The Senses In Order To Reach Krishna

Krishna's Mercy

[Rasa dance]“Everyone is bound by his fruitive activities, but the devotees, because they work completely for the satisfaction of the Lord, suffer no reactions. Similarly, the gopis’ attitude toward Krishna, although seemingly lusty, should not be considered to be like the lusty desires of ordinary women. The reason is explained by Krishna Himself. Activities in devotional service to Krishna are transcendental to any fruitive result.” (Krishna, The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Vol 1, Ch 22)

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Friend1: Ajita-indriya.

Friend2: One who is conquered by the senses.

Friend1: Which is a negative.

Friend2: Is it?

Friend1: Yes. Jitendriya is the more preferred name. It means one who has conquered the senses.

Friend2: How do you conquer them, though? If there is no sense interaction, there is no life, correct?

Friend1: Conquering means not being driven by them. Think of it like sitting down at your…

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