Five People Who Acted As An Instrument For God

Krishna's Mercy

[Arjuna]“Therefore get up and prepare to fight. After conquering your enemies you will enjoy a flourishing kingdom. They are already put to death by My arrangement, and you, O Savyasachin, can be but an instrument in the fight.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-gita, 11.33)

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Destiny, or daivam. Time, or kala. The material nature, or prakriti. Fruitive activity, or karma. Whatever way we choose to define it, we are not solely responsible for the future. It’s silly to have to even stipulate, but in the state of illusion it’s easy to think otherwise. After all, I decide to get up out of bed in the morning, and it happens. I make arrangements for a marriage ceremony, and everything goes through as planned.

“The bewildered spirit soul, under the influence of the three modes of material nature, thinks himself to be the doer…

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