Five Reasons That God Is Atmarama

Krishna's Mercy

[Vishnu creating]“And yet everything that is created does not rest in Me. Behold My mystic opulence! Although I am the maintainer of all living entities, and although I am everywhere, still My Self is the very source of creation.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-gita, 9.5)

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The Sanskrit word atma can mean body, mind, or soul. In philosophical discourses, the most common usage is “soul,” to distinguish between matter and spirit. The individual is atma, while what covers them temporarily is maya. Maya is the illusory energy of God, but it is also more of a viewpoint. To take identification from the body is improper; it is maya.

The Sanskrit word rama means “pleasure.” One word to describe the Almighty, the great soul, the origin of everything, is atmarama. This means “satisfied in the self.” Simply put, God is not an angry and vengeful man…

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