Five Instances Where Devotional Strength Triumphed Over Physical Strength

Krishna's Mercy

[Krishna saving Draupadi]“At first, Draupadi had tried to hold on to her sari. But what could she do? After all, she was a woman, and the Kurus were trying to strip her naked. So she cried and prayed to Krishna, ‘Save my honor,’ but she also tried to save herself by holding on to her sari. Then she thought, ‘It is impossible to save my honor in this way,’ and she let go and simply raised her arms and prayed, ‘Krishna, if You like You can save me.’ Thus the Lord responded to her prayers.” (Shrila Prabhupada, Teachings of Queen Kunti, Ch 7 Purport)

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The classic mismatch. On paper, it looks like it won’t even be a contest. One side has too much strength. They are large in stature. They have so many victories from the past from which to draw confidence. They are…

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