Five Ways Krishna Bewilders The Atheists

Krishna's Mercy

[Lord Krishna]“The form which you are seeing with your transcendental eyes cannot be understood simply by studying the Vedas, nor by undergoing serious penances, nor by charity, nor by worship. It is not by these means that one can see Me as I am.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-gita, 11.53)

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Shri Krishna had just shown Arjuna the virata-rupa, the universal form. This is the complete everything. Put all things that you can think of, existing in this world and in others, into a single image – that somewhat explains the universal form. The vision is not easy to get; Arjuna needed a special set of eyes granted to him prior to viewing.

Then Krishna showed His four-handed form of Narayana. This is the proof of Divinity for the personalists, those who understand that God is originally a distinct personality. Still, the Supreme Lord returned to…

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1 thought on “Five Ways Krishna Bewilders The Atheists

  1. sharmishtha basu

    beautiful piece, that universal form can be quite overwhelming for the viewer too, it brings to mind when Yashoda asked baby Krishna to open his mouth to check if he was eating Makhan, and when he opened his mouth she saw the universe in it!


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