US Labor Day=Time Out with a Day Off

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Labor Day: we consider it a signal, even a hallmark of summer’s slow shuttering, and as a bonus 8 (or 10 or 12) hours free of our daily, tiresome as well as appreciated jobs. A time to do little to nothing –except eat and enjoy our gatherings of friends and family–or to enjoy a last summery extended week-end vacation. The last heat of intense sunshine may yet linger and if so, many may head to the water for folicing and picnics for feasting. School, after all, gets back to business in many parts of the country following this federal holiday.

Labor Day, however, is one significant story in the annals of American history. It goes back to the abysmal conditions of workers in the late 1800s: often children at work alongside adults, unsafe environments, unbearable long shifts, pay that barely could feed…

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