A Proustian View on Being Unfollowed

Andrew Reid Wildman, Scottish Artist living in France

Proust is known for his verbose style. It appears tedious at first. Twenty pages to explain insomnia for instance. Yet the opposite of detail is the curse of brevity. A drama reduced to a digestible headline. A person’s life and death as a pithy soundbite. Proust’s aim in choosing such length was to let the story develop, to allow the reader to identify with his characters, and in so doing to find solace and reassurance. So is it so bad to perhaps unpeel the onion of human frailty at times, and examine the undercurrents of emotion that I suspect more of us share than admit to? To work then. Everyday at least twenty people unfollow me, a tiny percentage of my 20,000 +. Most of them are fake followers anyway. Robotic and spam-like entities, silicone breasted and shallow, and they mean nothing to me. And each day a similar number…

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