The Game: Why We Play or Not

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Games, a good thing, right?

A thought keeps circling my mind: to be (and play) alone, or be with others, or with others yet still alone…and what really defines “alone”, anymore, in our often virtually designed, very impacted world? And is it a positive thing– or not?

More researchers are stating that engagement with others helps us live better and longer, enlarges our perspectives and guarantees more happiness. To be alone is not so desirable, it seems, at least not as manifested in the twenty-first century. Alone time may be toxic to our health at worst or unfulfilling, so it seems. So how do people manage an experience of simply being with their own singular selves?

Increasingly, it means reaching for an electronic device. It is so common, many don’t take note of what they are doing: it is automatic.

This has been on my mind since I visited my…

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