What I Left and Some of What I’ve Found So Far

Tales for Life

11/12: The Professional: last tense days. Note tired eyes, forced, gritted-teeth smile

Writer-Grandmother having a ball with grandkids post-working life Writer-Grandmother having fun with grandkids 2 years later after strawberry picking

There are at least a few hot-button reasons to feel guilty and worried. To wonder who on earth I think I am to take such a relaxed view of time and money, as well as heady concepts like success, obligation and the impact of even one human life. Some might suspect the cavalier attitude will bring me to ruin. They could be right. Am I somehow above such sweat and commerce, that bourgeois notion that money equals security, even contentment? Let’s face it, it’s more to the point that I am no longer a youthful dynamo dying to shine like a mega floodlight–so the pressure is off, right?

Except I was given pause by the over-sixty cashier yesterday, new to the store. He was congenial, appeared to…

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