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How do you get there.

I am Pam Holland

Go to the end of the path until you get to the gate.
Go through the gate and head straight towards the horizon.
Keep going towards the horizon.
Sit down and have a rest now and again.
But keep on going.
Just keep on with it.
Keep on going as far as you can.
That’s how you get there.

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The Things We Already Know — Carrie Cariello

“Let me just tell you, I really enjoyed working with Jack. He was incredibly cooperative, and I think we got some really good information during the testing.” I leaned forward eagerly in my chair. “First, I’d like to talk about his working memory.” I nodded. I had an idea of what working memory was. “Well,”…

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Ethiopia is on track to become Africa’s industrial powerhouse — Quartz

Ethiopia seems to be attracting the attention of economists interested in Africa, and for good reason. Except for Rwanda, Ethiopia is the only African country whose economic growth has been consistently high for more than a decade without relying on a natural resource boom. Between 2004 and 2014, per capita growth in Ethiopia was 8%…

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Major Disaster Declared for West Virginia — Fire Earth

WV Declared Federal Disaster Area West Virginia Severe Storms, Flooding, Landslides, and Mudslides (DR-4273) The White House has declared a major disaster exists in the State of West Virginia in the areas affected by severe storms, flooding, landslides, and mudslides beginning on June 22, 2016, and continuing. The worst affected areas so far are Greenbrier, […]

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