The Electric Agora

by Daniel A. Kaufman

Righteous Business

Ideological do-goodism has infected American business – or at least some of American business – to the point that I find myself pining for rapacious capitalists.

Just this past April, my parents were visiting us, for Pesach, as well as for my daughter’s fourteenth birthday.  (This year, the birthday and first-night Seder were just a few days apart.)  I booked them at the Hilton, which is quite near to our house, with the idea that it would mean they would have to do less driving.  My father is 88 and my mother 84.   They always rent a car when they come, because they like to be able to go out and do stuff on their own (the secret to a good visit is not to spend too much time together), and it’s always an SUV, because my father’s knees are so bad that he…

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