Colouring Isn’t for Dummies

Jo Robinson

Considering how popular adult colouring has become, I’m a bit disappointed that there isn’t any obvious comment thread that I can see on the good old Telegraph article denouncing it – or rather seemingly denouncing the people who partake in it. I really hope that reading it doesn’t make anyone feel bad about their chosen way to relieve their stress. Any kind of shaming sucks I reckon, and telling the thousands of people who love colouring to “Grow up yer big babies and draw yer own pictures!” isn’t very nice. Maybe people don’t want to colour their own pictures. Maybe having to draw their own pictures will stress them out.


She’s right about the way that many people live their lives. It’s hectic being alive in this age, for everyone mostly, but I think that when it comes to what we do in our own time, for enjoyment or to…

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