Toxic High School

Abandoned Southeast

In the 1930sthe Silver City Dump operated as the second-largestlandfill in New Orleans. Known as the “ulcer ofthecity,” thelandfill collected 150 tons of garbage.


Above, workers repair part of the Silver City Dump after fill was removed for a harbor project.

During the 1930s the New Orleans NAACP led a fight for a second high school due to overcrowding. Black leaders pushed for a vocational training school since most black students were expected to go to work right after high school. This led to problems with the white community who viewed a new vocational high school asa threat to white jobs. School board officials came to a compromise and agreed that the trades taught at the new high school would be mostly occupied by African-Americans. However after purchasing land, the school board backed out of the deal and built another school on the property instead. Black leaders were not swayed…

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